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my story

Bluefire Photography has been a successful business for nine years now. In that time I have covered over 356 weddings. My passion is to create photographs that will bring you back, not just to the way your wedding day looked, but more importantly, to how it felt. Because I want you to be able to remember vividly the love and friendships that made your wedding day so special, I focus on documenting key moments and true, heartfelt emotions.

I feel it is very important to create photographs that portray the real feeling of the wedding day, so I work quietly, using mostly available light. I like to keep directed photo sessions relaxed and natural, working with couples to help them look their best in front of the camera.

I was born and raised in Minnesota! When I went to college in Arizona, I fell in love with the love of my life. Shortly after finishing college we moved to SA (hubby was born & raised here). I really do enjoy Texas weather (except in August) it's just so darn hot! I'm a down to earth, straight forward person who likes to make her own offbeat path in life.

Some of my favorite things: chocolate with anything salty. Snow!! Oh how I miss snow. My favorite season is FALL, and Halloween is my favorite holiday (we really get into decorating the house). I enjoy hiking, tennis, bicycle riding and kayaking with my family.

My love for photography started when I purchased an Ansel Adams calendar and began wondering how he made such gorgeous images. The shutter speed, f-stops & ISO all seemed so overwhelming to me. I was like 'how am I supposed to remember all these things and still take a great picture?' Luckily, with lots of practice and a few thousand horrible images it started clicking with me. Once that click happened I couldn't stop looking at the world in a whole new way! I then realized I have a gift for photographing people and felt it was important for me to share that gift. Being the offbeat person that I am, I want my business to be different-- I give you the digital files and if I can save you money I will. I once saved a wedding couple $1,000 with me! I'm not a salesperson (I really hate the used car salespeople) I'm a professional photographer who wants to provide you with ever lasting memories.