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Q.What is your wedding photography style?
My work can be described in many ways but I prefer to call it "artistic candid". I will photograph your day by capturing real emotions while adding my artistic perspective to each shot. I will also spend some time with bridal party and the family to take few traditional photos.

Q. How many weddings have you physically photographed?
As of 2015 I have officially photographed 356 weddings!

Q. Will you be the one who photographs our wedding?
Yes. I will be the one.

Q. Why should we hire you, Kristin?
I think you should consider someone who's style "clicks" with your vision.

Q. What type of equipment do you use?
I am shooting with Nikon D810 & D800s camera with a 70mm to 200mm lens, 50mm lens and 24 to 70mm lens.

Q. Should we meet?
Yes, I would recommend to visit your wedding vendors before making the decision.

Q. Do we have to sign a contract?

Q. What is your deposit policy?
50% to save the date. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to the day of your wedding.

Q. Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes I accept credit cards, cash or check.

Q. Can you notify us if someone else wants our date?
It will sound like a high-pressure sales pitch, even though its the truth. I don't do this.

Q. Can all of our pictures be posted online?

Q. How do we have to wait until we can see your photos?
6 weeks to 8 weeks after your event.

Q. Can we have high resolution files?
Yes, high resolution files are included in the packages.

Q. What if we cancel our wedding?
All deposits are non refundable.

Q. Do you photoshop images?
No I do not photoshop images, my style of photography is to shoot it right the first time or don't shoot it all.

Q. What kind of clothing do you wear to the wedding?
I dress nicely to blend in with your fabulous looking guests.

Q. Where is your studio located?
I work out of my home studio in San Antonio, Texas. Consultations are by appointment only.

Q. Do you shoot in RAW format or .jpg?
I shoot in the highest resolution raw. Digital negatives file sizes range from 25MB-40MB each.

Q. Do you mind if people other than you take photographs during the wedding?
No, I do not mind at all. Since my main focus with is to show what happens during the wedding, it would be nonproductive of me to STOP something from actually happening! However, since other cameras and flashes tend to distract the subjects, I do kindly request that all guests photographing group photos wait until after we are finished.